Anonymous asked: How did you gain exposure? Did you 'go out there' or did people just like, started offering you and stuff? Oh.. And.. How did you promote your exhibition? :)

Hi there! :) How I gained exposure is a little bit varried. First the internet is easily accessible by anyone and marketing yourself there is free. I set up blogs and a Facebook page, though they were never intended for getting exposure. I just want to share my work and I think the exposure is just an added bonus. If people like your work, they will share it. I’m happy that people share my work but if they don’t, it’s okay as well. :) And then there’s also going out. I think that being behind a computer doesn’t come across the same way as meeting someone in real life. I have Marj Sia to thank for that. There came a point where she brought me to so many social events that I was able to meet people who I eventually got to work with. Sometimes how more real or how more tangible you are makes a person remember you more. I’m incredibly quiet and socially passive so I rarely go after people. I’ve submitted my portfolio to a few companies and I never got a call. Haha! How I get work often has nothing to do with me being the initating party. A lot of times it’s because someone else talked about me or I was sumbled upon accidentaly and they’re very kind to feature or talk about me (referral). There are some people who are very persistent in marketing their work and themselves, sending in their porfolios to several firms and companies. I’ve seen people in social gatherings who flash their phones with their works to people like a proud dad saying “look at my wife and kids!!!” Haha. If you want exposure, this is the way to go! You have to get yourself out there!! I admire people who can confidently show their works to others and wave the “hire me” banner. I’m very reluctant and I get occasionally scolded for this. :( My exhibit’s promotion was really simple. Just facebook and tumblr, I think. And we (Heima and I) just sent emails to the people we know. That’s about it. :)

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Anonymous asked: I adore birds :) can you share with us where you get/got your bird figures/dolls? I have no idea what to call them :)

Thanks! *u* My friend got the bird figurines for me from Germany for 2.2euros each. It comes with a cut-open egg. I always ask people to buy me bird stuff whenever they go abroad. :D

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Anonymous asked: Hi Ms. Valerie! Where'd you get your cute floral pencil case? :)

Hi! My sister made it. She started making them a year ago but she stopped because of school. Just email me at if you wish to make an order. :)

Anonymous asked: what watercolor would you recommend for beginners? i don't know anything about watercolor but i'm really interested..

You mean watercolor brands? Prang is a good brand or Reeves or entry-level Talens. Windsor and Newton is great as well but pricier. It depends on your budget and how far you want to take it. :)

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shiningstellar asked: Hi there ate Valerie :) can you post a picture of your room? teehee =) Thanks ! :3 Coco is so cute and you too ~ ^^

Hi! Thank you! Coco says thanks as well. :) My room is being renovated right now so I don’t have full photos to show you. Some of the fabrics are still on its way. So far the furniture have been painted, but they’re still naked:

I promised myself to have all fabric and color choices in within the 1st week of Feb but I kept going back for 4 consecutive weeks, 6 different stores, to change the fabrics. Until now I’m not sure about the curtains yet. I don’t exactly have freedom over the look of the room. I still have to work on the former French Neo-classical style and I wanted it to meet country halfway. It looks confusing at the moment (much to my mom’s disdain). Haha! I hope to finish this by mid-April. I wish I wasn’t this indecisive. :(

I’ll be sure to take photos when it’s done.

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Anonymous asked: Which brands of sketchpads do you use? :( I've always had a hard time looking for a good one. I didn't like the Canson one which had liittle cirlces on them

The one I’m using is called l’ebauche by Sennelier. I buy it from Fully Booked. I hope they still have it because mine is about to run out. XD They’re definitely more expensive than canson but it has 130 sheets so they last long. You can even watercolor on it. The paper will buckle but it holds water well. :)

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Anonymous asked: Hey, i don't know if you've answered this question before but i would like to know, what college did you study in? And did you find studying history and literature hard? I saw the workshop you will be having and got all excited about it, then i saw it would be in Philippines. I don't stay in Philippines. :( If you do decide to do international workshops, do tell! I really love your work and see you as an inspiration. Hope to see more of your work! :)

Super long reply. *u*

I studied at the University of Asia and the Pacific. I took up BA Humanities. History is actually one of my weakest subjects. A lot of times, I like math and science better than history and the social sciences. I had a really tough time though I thoroughly enjoyed it. Most of our history subjects involve creating historical studies based on a theoretical framework. I discovered that I have a knack for researching. I’m surprised that I actually liked doing it. What’s great about college compared to studying history in high school is that instead of just studying the facts, you’re cracking puzzles and trying to push or shed light to what is already there. There’s also that eureka moment you get when you tackle history just like that eureka moment in discovering scientific breakthroughs. That’s one of the things that make studying history fascinating.

Literature is a bit different but they’re not too far from each other. I love stories but I’m not fond of reading books so I had to crawl through them. We had to read hundreds of pages of excerpts every week. I think that there’s something difficult in every course/major that you can get into. I really think that if you enjoy stories or if you find the lives of people (in general—not gossip) fascinating, then all that difficulty and crawling is worth it. I really think that these subjects are very fulfilling and you’ll be surprised to hear people in class saying something that you’d ponder about until you sleep at night. There are days when you feel fulfilled and days when it seems as if the class has left a hole in your heart.

Thank you so much! I really do hope I’d get to travel and maybe teach outside the country one day. I love to share what I can. Thank you!! I will keep painting. :D

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Anonymous asked: Hi! Will you be holding more painting classes in April? I really want to join but I can't attend this month's :)

Yes I will open another batch on April. The current class is full already and applications are still pouring in. I want to accommodate as many people as I can so I’m opening another batch. I’ll keep you guys posted. :)

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Anonymous asked: Does that mean pencil doesn't get smudged when you paint over them? :) I'm very interested with the class you'll be doing by the way. Still trying to decide if I should go :)

Nope, pencils usually don’t smudge when painted over with watercolor. Just don’t vigorously rub your brush over them. And try to use HB or B lead, avoid darker ones unless you’re trying to achieve a certain effect with dark lead. Dark leads are usually less dense so they have a tendency to smudge or powder up. :) Hope this helps!

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Anonymous asked: I just want to know what kind of media you use to outline your paintings i.e. ballpoint, paint, etc. :)

Hi! I only use pencil. :D

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Anonymous asked: how do you take photos of your artwork* do you scan them or just flatten and take pictures of it

I take pictures of them. :) I use a Canon EOS 30D (it’s an old cam I got 6 years ago). What I do is that I position the work under or in front of direct sunlight/daylight. And then I photograph it. I often do this outside the house. I don’t have a scanner so I use a camera instead. :)

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Answers to Questions

Hello! I finally answered some of your questions. :D I also got some of you heart warming messages. I plan to answer them one by one privately (so it’s more special XD). I hope you can wait for it. I’m so sorry for the delay! Most of the time I get speechless. Or I want to say so many things and I end up not saying anything because of embarrassing feelings. ;_;

Anonymous asked you: What paper do you use for water color? And did you just use acrylic on painting those canvas sneakers? I’m really interested and would be glad if you would answer this. Thank you very much miss Valerie. :)

I use watercolor paper for watercolor works. :) I used acrylic and some primer for the sneakers. You can read about it here. 

Anonymous asked you: How did you start learning how to paint by yourself? Any advice? :)

I started painting during my 2nd year of college. I drew something and I decided that I might want to have it in color. I opt for paint instead of doing it digitally and I kind of stuck through with it. I seemed to enjoy it more than coloring digitally. The only advice I can give is if you like doing it and if you want to be good at it, just do it as often as you can. Learn more about it by experimenting, reading and deliberate practice. I think the logic is the same as all other things you want to be good at (music, sports, science, etc.) There really is no easy way. 

krissyness asked you: i love your pieces. how do you do the white/lighter lines/parts..? for example, your i-havent-checked-my-tumblr-in-ages-im-still post (june 23, 2011)

Hi! The white lines were done digitally using the brush tool in Photoshop. :)

Anonymous asked you: hi miss valerie! I just want to say that your works are amazing and versatile! may I ask what brand of watercolor you prefer/ use…I really need some help for my big biology project. please and thank you :)

Thank you! :D I use Prang and Holbein. 

theincurableweirdness asked you: Ilang hours nyo po natatapos ang isa nyong painting/work? :D and just wanna know what course did you took in college? :)

It depends. If it’s serious/heavy work, I take more than a week to finish it. Or sometimes I complete it 80-90% and go back to it after more than a week to check on it before I close the work. In reality, the entire process from sketch to completion takes more than a month so I do works simultaneously to make up for the time spent. For simple works, I usually finish it in 1-2 days. :) I took up Humanities in college. :D

misteravid asked you: Hello, I’ve seen your beautiful water color art floating about around Tumblr… I initially thought they were scans from a New York fashion magazine. I was surprised that you are Filipina. I wonder though, why are your female drawings (or atleast the one’s I’ve seen on DA) Caucasians? I’d love to see your willowy style on the Filipina face : )

Thanks Avid! It means a lot coming from you. I remember how giddy I was when you watched me on devArt before. Hehe! I usually copy my portraits from magazine models. I’m not very good with constructing faces from scratch and often I have more Western magazines around (and even models in our local fashion mags have Caucasian features) and I guess I reference a lot from them that’s why my women look very Caucasian. I draw females of different races in my sketchbook although I never post them online. I will try to paint one. It does seem interesting! Thank you! <3

dirtythugnasty asked you: Hi val, I really love your work and I’ve been following you on your blog for a while now :) I was just wondering if there was a type of water color you’d recommend for a beginner to use? Or any kind of advice you could give a bigenner who wants to start water color painting? thanks :)

Thank you so much! Prang is good if you want to try out pans/cake! Also Reeves if you like tubes. My advice is be adventurous and try all sorts of things and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you want to perfect your craft, you have to work really hard!

Anonymous asked you: Can you make a tutorial on how you usually curl your hair? It’s very beautiful! :D

I got around 3 requests for a curling tutorial a few weeks ago so I tried recording, moments later I accidentally clamped the iron to my wrist while I was transferring places. Haha! (I’m so clumsy! Don’t ask how it happened… It’s weird!) So I kind of dropped the entire idea of doing a video tutorial. :( But I’ll give it a shot again soon. :)

Anonymous asked you: Hello! May I know what is the name of the font that you used in the all muddled up inside illustration on nov 06, 2009? (I’m referring to the all muddled up inside font itself not the watermark)? =) I apologize if my question is confusing, the ask box doesn’t accept links.

Oh no! I can’t remember anymore. I painted the work before my CPU crashed so I don’t have most of the downloaded fonts I used to have before. So sorry! :(

Anonymous asked you: HI i am really inspired by your work and was wondering what types and brands of art materials do you use? Really appreciate if you answer this. Xo

Thank you! You can refer to my materials list here. :D

Anonymous asked you: i love your art! i recently started watercolor painting and i am very inspired by ur works. i hope u can do a video or tutorial of some sort on how you blend the colors awesomely XD

Thank you so much! I’ll try making one when I’m free! :)

Anonymous asked you: hi ms val! i draw a little (i mean i know how to, but not good at it), i’m used with color pencils than paints. but when i saw your works, wow! it looks so subtle, soft. i want to paint like you!! :)) can you please share what watercolor and paintbrush you particularly use? and what do you recommend for starters like me. :) thanks!

Thank you so much! You can view my materials list here. All my materials are there and tips for beginners as well.

iaintthat asked you: Hey miss valerie I just want to ask how do you scan your works the way they present to be clean and natural on the computer not with the yellowish parts on watercolor. thank you very much and your works are synonymous to beauty.

I use a camera for scanning and I edit the colors in Photoshop to make them as faithful as the original. Usually it’s just levels and color balance. Thank you! :D

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rosewong asked: Happpppy birthday!

Thank you so much, Rose!!! <3

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